Dalit Empowerment and Fighting against Inequality for Rehabilitation project (I)

July, 2016 to June, 2017, Dolakha.

CDW formed the Dalit NGO Consortium along with three national NGOs; Dalit Welfare Association (DWA), Legal Aid and Research Center (LARC), and Nepal Grassroots Development Forum (NGRDF). With funding from the Lutheran World Federation, the Dalit NGO Consortium has implemented a one-year project in earthquake-affected Dolakha District titled “Dalit Empowerment for Recovery and Fighting against Inequalities.”

As the ‘Gender Justice’ lead organization, CDWN mobilized 90 Dalit women and men to form 3 mixed-gender community groups in 3 VDCs in Dolakha District.

Community groups formed the basis for a Transformational Education Program (TEP) which integrates Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) principles into literacy and numeracy training. The overarching aim of TEP was to build solidarity between men and women, and increase the likelihood of action against gender based violence and discrimination both within the Dalit community and at the VDC level.

TEP included a savings and loans component which created the initial economic incentive for participation and cooperation between men and women, Dalit and non-Dalit community members. TEP then empowered participants with literacy and numeracy skills designed to support their small businesses. Through the literacy component, TEP engaged participants in discussions about Dalit rights, women’s rights, and their experiences of caste and gender-based discrimination.

CDW guided the process by which groups recorded their challenges, developed advocacy tools, and carried out advocacy activities to claim their rights. Through this model, CDWN will mobilize Dalit communities, both men and women, to achieve gender justice.