We aim to

  • leverage the power of Dalit women leaders to act as change agents in their communities and on the national stage
  • offer targeted training and an extensive support system for Dalit women leaders and elected officials
  • nurture the next wave of Dalit women leaders at the grassroots
  • broaden public support for Dalit women by building coalitions across caste, ethnicity and political parties

We are 7 dalit Women

  • We are activists and Members of Parliament
  • We are from different sub-castes, political parties and districts
  • We are united in our mission to end caste and gender discrimination
  • Together, we embody our organization’s goal of collaboration across divides
  • We understand the voices at the grassroots, and have the ear of national policy makers
  • Together we can create change

We are committed to

  • transparency and accountability
  • mission and policy driven operations
  • evidence based results
  • making use of research
  • collaborating with experts
  • integrating the GESI principles (gender equity and social inclusion) in all our activities
  • our office as an inviting space for open dialog and bridge building

Our Recent Blogs


Laxmi Pariyar

”I want to empower all the women in my area and push them to come out of their shells in society. I am planning to use a portion of the located budget to invest in solar panels, so electricity can b.....

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”Being elected makes me very happy. After 5 years, I aim to get elected as mayor so I can work more effectively for the Dalit cause. We didn’t go to school but we have brains. I want to remove the.....

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Mayadevi Darnal

"My biggest dream is to make a social change and work for the society. The situation for Dalits is changing right now and that’s why this training is very important f.....

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